Network Coordinator
Controls which devices have access to the network and the flow of data. Works in conjunction with the Integrity Manager.
Integrity Manager
Deals with security, deciding which devices have access to the network. Deals with data integrity issues such as digital signatures and encryption (optional).
Central SQL Data Store
Contains all current and historic data collected by devices. Also stores device configuration information. Applications can query the database directly.
OEM Data Mining or Reporting Application
An off the shelf package (Cristal Reports for example) which can query the database and present results.
Gemini Metrology or Custom Developed Application
A bespoke application (such as SQL or C#) which can query the database and presents results, as graphs or tables for example.
Hardware devices
A range of hardware devices which collect data - e.g. energy, temperature, relative humidity, count, CO2, flow - and either directly or via a gateway, write it in the Central Data Store using the Data Relay. Connectivity options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS.
Data Relay
Writes data from devices into the database under the supervision of the Network Coordinator and Integrity Manager. Can also read configuration data from the database and write it to devices.
Application (Alarm)
An application could be created to monitor devices 'directly' or via the Data Store and respond to alarm conditions by for example, sending an SMS or email. Alternatively an alarm could be sounded / triggered via another hardware device.